Self-publishing author services

Print-on-demand has revolutionised the world of publishing. POD allows authors to easily set themselves up as a publishing company, lay out the internal pages of their book, create a cover, produce any number of low-cost copies of their book, and get that all-important listing on Amazon.

I have led authors through the maze of self-publishing, who are now selling their books to an eager readership. Self-publishing does not require the financial investment it once did. Once the book is laid out and the cover created, you can order a single paperback copy of your book for less than £10. This is not 'vanity publishing', in which an agency promises much, delivers little and costs a lot. Print-on-demand keeps you in control of your own publication – and in possession of ALL your royalties. 



Your manuscript may be complete, in which case I can conduct a final edit and write a proposal/synopsis for an agent or traditional publishing house, should you choose to take that route. This is the final stage in preparing your work for submission and will give it the best chance of publication.

One thing is certain: you cannot edit your own book.

Here are some authors whose books I edited, then set up their publishing company, and arranged print-on-demand contracts. The books are selling well and all the royalties are going into their pockets, not those of distant publishers.





* Many of the book covers on this page have been designed by
 Ed Christiano of Deeper Blue.