What is a ghostwriter?

If you have always wanted to author a book but never seem to have the time, inclination or skills to write a compelling story, you should engage a ghostwriter.

You tell me your story, I write it, then you get the credit. 


How it works

I press ‘record’ on the voice recorder and you tell me your story, which I mould (in your ‘voice’) into a compelling tale. It really is as simple as that.

Some clients draw on vivid memories and refer to diaries or other mementoes to tell me their stories. Others have already made a start on their book, which gives me a valuable insight into their style and voice and helps me recreate their story. 

One client came to me with 450 typed pages. In this case I closely edited the manuscript and improved structure, tone and style. The result was I Won't Give Up.

Business clients are more likely to have cuttings, annual reports and other documentation that help recall important events and can give the book shape and direction.


Broadly speaking, interest has come from:

People who have had a full life and wish to leave a permanent, tightly-written record of their achievements for generations to come.

Business consultants and professionals who wish to be seen as an expert in their field. Often they are able to sell their book at public events and seminars, which extends its life and creates its own positive PR.

Campaigners who are passionate about their cause and wish to raise awareness or engage in a public debate about the subject.


Supportive critique

If you have written a book that requires editing or proofing, or if you need a supportive critique, go here for self-publishing / editing.






I work on private commission, a royalty percentage basis,

or a combination of both.

You may have another creative way to pay for the project,

which I would be happy to discuss.

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