People first

Your customers may run large or small businesses selling a range of products and services. Whatever field they are in, it’s important that you understand their business and their customers.

But your clients are people first. And people can tell when you’re insincere and inauthentic. However, they do respond to stories about other people, which should be at the heart of your marketing communications.

There is too much corporate-speak in marketing these days – websites that focus on a company’s achievements rather than on how they can help their customers. They often use We when they mean I; or, worse, use They when they mean We.

Consequently, the text comes across as cold and corporate. That’s probably not the image you want to project.

Try engaging your customers by writing your marketing materials in a style and tone to which your customers will respond. That is, with warmth, authenticity and sincerity. It can be done.


Promotion or storytelling?

There is a balance to be struck between writing promotional copy and storytelling that gets your message across. That’s where I come in. It’s a cliché that It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. But it is often true, and it’s also true for writing, so it’s crucial to get the tone of voice right when communicating with customers.

Think about the tone of voice employed by brands such as Innocent, Apple and Virgin. Their tone is instantly recognisable – and very successful.

I have written powerful, persuasive copy for:



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I can either write from scratch from your brief or edit your existing marketing efforts to make them more dynamic and focused, and help you communicate better with your customers.